NBC Showcase!!

Sonal Shah Acting

I was selected to participate in the NBC Showcase and it was a smashing success!! Here are some highlights.

San Juan Island, Washington

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OPA!!! After planes, boats, and automobiles, I’ve returned to LA after an incredible adventure celebrating true love, friendship, and the humpty dance on the enchanting San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest. 9 years of ‘wooing’ resulted in a very happy hitching of two of my bestest friends in the world, gorgeous Jacquelyn and Greek stallion Matt!! With generous, warm, giving, and hilarious spirits,
they are the core heart of our family in LA. So many moments created this weekend of wonderment: the very special Dean family and their property in the middle of natural divinity, pike place market, searching for the best coffee shop in Seattle and on the island, vintage cheese shop, sisters, team SAT/TSA/ATS, driving a car on a boat, organic vegetarian deliciousness, message in a bottle, wax on hands, adorable shops in Friday Harbor, being in the welcoming committee, the cuteness of the bird rock hotel, warm homemade scones, Glen Ellyn peeps, driving through the deep forests, climbing on rocks,
infinite drive to the ocean, smores at the bonfire, sharing stories in the dark on the coast, arugula pizza, San Juan Bakery on the water, real friends, real people, good hearts, matt’s comedy hour, peace, our
LA family being together on an island, being a bridesmaid, dance
music, the morning at the salon, glamazon, strawberry rhubarb, diversity, lavender fields, united colors of benetton, switching to
bourbon, spicy samosa, yum yum eyes, the vows, matt seeing j walk down
the isle, the best first dance ever, dancing to MJ with Matt, blair witch project, all of the speeches, decorating committee, Sony, So-Nell, So-Nall, the slideshow, present moment, the morning after brunch, being kids, laughing, warm fuzziness, the Dean’s sweetness and hospitality, J’s super chillness, old-fashioned-ness, tears, the
skinny teeny juice bar, strolling through town, mix cd, the journey….My heart is full of sincere gratitude and joy. Congratulations Matt and Jacquelyn Karambelas!! Thank you for sharing
this special place and time. I love you both and wish you eternal bliss!!!! #curranstreet #poinsettiahouse #sonalmomentontheisland
(at San Juan Islands Wa)